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Square Necklines

We know all the right angles.... (pardon the pun)

Similar to the wedding dress style and waistline, the neckline is definitely a defining element of a bride’s dress. Each neckline compliments a bride in a different way depending on their body type, their personality, and the silhouette of the dress. There are many different types of necklines including halter, portrait, one shoulder, high and many more. However, the square neckline is becoming more and more popular among brides today, and here is why..

Square necklines are dramatic and romantic with a renaissance feel to them. The crisp angles beautifully compliment a bride’s curves. This neckline looks lovely on any bust size, as the clean lines help make the bodice feel secure whilst accentuating the shoulders and collarbones, making it a diverse neckline among brides. Square necklines are usually included on gowns with straps or sleeves and are highly in fashion at the moment.

Another angle for this trend is square backs, these again compliment a brides curves whilst revealing a respectable amount of skin allowing for a sexy yet elegant look.

Some square back wedding dresses we love:

In order to accentuate the square neckline, we recommend wearing a statement necklace or hair up with larger statement earrings to emphasise and highlight your clavicle.

Whether your chosen neckline is square, sweetheart, V or high it doesn't matter. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is you are comfortable and you love it!

M&G xx


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