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How to find your dream wedding dress

How to choose your wedding dress

At May & Grace we offer stunningly romantic, super stylish yet accessible dresses for modern brides. We have a carefully curated edit of bold and beautiful gowns, hand-picked from 5 international designers all offering the bride something a little bit different.

We showcase modern and sophisticated dresses with a twist, a little sprinkling of ‘classic’ but always with an element of fun, and always, always beautiful.

Dresses start at £1,000 and go up to £3,500, most are under £2000.


Your wedding dress is probably the most important dress you are ever going to wear. Every choice you make for the big day is hinged upon the style of dress you choose; it can set the entire vibe for your chosen wedding! Imagine a soft floaty gown with delicate applique flowers or beading for a laid back 70’s look. An A-line silhouette in organza or chiffon is perfect for an outdoors countryside wedding, enabling plenty of movement and not too much length in the train. You can imagine it blowing in the wind. Match this with an unusual hair crown that is looped through the hair and a cascading bouquet of wildflowers and ivy. Most importantly of all you want to feel as special and beautiful as you have ever felt.

Q- How many people should I bring to my appointment?

COVID-19 restrictions will not affect your experience at May & Grace. We are an intimate private boutique with a guest limit of 1 – 2. We only look after one bride at a time, so you have our full undivided attention. By just bringing 1 – 2 special people with you your experience will be so much more enjoyable without multiple opinions confusing you. We respect that many brides prefer to keep the dress private and have the 'Big Unveil' on your Wedding Day! Enjoy this time spent browsing beautiful gowns and sipping on some bubbly.

Q- How far in advance to start the search and when to order!

Be ready to start the search approximately 10 months in advance of your wedding date, with the view of ordering 7 – 8 months before your big day. All our gowns are handmade to order so you need to factor in the production time. You then need to allow 2 – 3 months for alterations. We can sometimes get a gown made in a faster time frame, but you may incur a rush fee. We always try our absolute best to accommodate our brides. We stock a selection of sample gowns available ‘off the rack’ if you need a dress fast, you can take these dresses home straight away.

Q- Chose your boutique wisely. Do your homework!

All our gowns are featured on our website and throughout our Insta feed! Have a look through the website of your chosen boutique and pick out a few styles that excite you, this is a great way for the stylist to get to know a little about your taste. Be open to suggestions – remember that your boutique stylist knows her gowns inside out and has seen them on many brides so will understand the fit and is there to help guide you and find you the dream dress. More often than not the ‘Wild’ card ends up being ‘The One’. We offer stunningly romantic, super stylish yet accessible dresses for modern brides, check out our gowns first and our insta feed and if they seem like your vibe then please come and see us! Visit maybe 1 – 3 boutiques max, anymore and you will start to get very confused. Select your chosen boutiques wisely, call in advance to discuss your ideas first and budget.

Q- How do I know it is ‘the One’?

Difficult one, there is a lot of pressure from recent TV programmes that make you think you must cry or have a ‘eureka’ moment. We are all so different so you are not going to react the same as your best friend or your sister may have done when they found their dress. Yes, it could very well be the first dress you try on in the first boutique. It may be the dress that you were least expecting. That is OK, be open to suggestions and open to letting the rules you may have created slip away. We say that you want to feel special in the dress, to look in the mirror and to be excited by the gown. This is enough, let it excite you so that you cannot wait to wear it. Above all else, do not second guess yourself, trust your instinct and the feelings in your tummy! We are there to help you feel relaxed so the process is as easy as it can be.

I take the job of finding my bride’s dream dresses very seriously by making sure they have the best experience. This is by far the upmost important aspect of the appointment and you will have a lot of fun along the way.

Your bridal shopping experience is something to treasure forever!

Embrace the day and go for it, have fun!

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