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How To Choose Your Bridal Accessories

Weddings are debatably one of the biggest and most important day of a bride’s life. All the hard work that has been put into planning this magical day creates the unforgettable memory of celebrating the union of love. Today, modern brides are strong independent women, keen to reflect their personal style and embrace their bridal vision. With a volume of available options, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start with bridal accessories.

Brides are the centre of attention at a wedding and mostly there is a lot of attention given to the dress. However, this dress is not complete without accessories. From veils and tiaras to shoes and jewellery, there is a wide variety of additions you can add to complete your look. More often than not it is common to choose your accessories after you’ve chosen your dress.

These accessories are what we’d recommend pairing with our 5 key wedding dress trends:


Old fashioned romance comes to mind when one thinks of voluminous skirts, big sleeves, tiers and ruffles. For the modern bride it is important to style these dresses with up to date accessories. Just because the dress has ‘princess’ overtones, albeit the modern one, a traditional tiara isn’t always needed. We recommend styling this with a modern halo tiara to make the look contemporary.


This wedding dress look is very demure and classic look. The bride should always be the centre of attention and with a high neck look minimal accessories re needed at the front. For this look, we recommend no necklace but instead some statement earrings, a comb or pins in the back of the hair. There are no size restrictions with the earrings, it all comes down to personal preference and the details on the dress.

Off the shoulder

This look offers a wide variety of accessories as the neck becomes extenuated and the brides has more room to be the focus, leaving you more room to play around with long earrings, for example. We suggest staying away from necklaces with this look as it bisects the neck and creates the illusion of shortening the collarbones and neck that is being revealed. This dress style is beautifully graceful, and we recommend hair up with a long veil giving a softly draped look.

Boho Chic

This look, most commonly chosen by the free spirited brides looking for something relaxed and stylish. Flowers crowns and floaty, delicate lace skirts bring the aura of ffortless beauty. For this look, we recommend a divine bridal vine to add some sparkle to your day, creating a demure look. On simultaneously, a back necklace hanging down will captivate your guests and create a sexy, yet ethereal look.

Side Slit

This iconic look creates a fun and seductive look, whilst very flattering. The go to accessory to fucus on here would be some stunning shoes. Unlike most other wedding dresses, with a side slit the shoes will be on show somewhat more. This is why it is important to maximise the impact from your guests when they catch a glimpse of your shoes. Whether it is flats or heels, sandals or stilettos, this accessory will come second to your dress.

All dresses and accessories are available today in our shop or online to look at.


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