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Gown Storage Tips

Sadly nearly all of April, May, June and July brides have had to postpone their weddings in the UK.

We thought that it might be helpful and put brides minds at ease to read a few tips for storing your wedding dress over the next year – 18 months. We have spoken to all of our designers and manufacturers and taken their best tips. See below.

If the dress is not going to be stored for more than eighteen months then discoloration will not be a problem provided:

1. the gown is stored in a breathable bag that is white (no dye). Keep out of direct light. Get rid of ALL plastic—whether it’s the very thin plastic dry cleaners use or a bulky plastic garment bag. If nothing else is available, the gown can be wrapped in freshly washed muslin or an old sheet.

2. the bag is NOT stored in the loft or in the garage. Lofts are too hot and garages are damp; always avoid extremes of heat and humidity. Store in a dark and dry environment, a wardrobe is fine.

3. it is a non-smoking environment. The smell from heavy cigarette smoking WILL penetrate the bag.

4. open the zips every couple of weeks to allow full air circulation and ventilation.

5. Another option – Use a breathable cover in a dark and dry box including mothballs. Occasionally it has to be opened, checked and ventilated. If you do not have a breathable dress bag then acid free tissue paper works just as well.

Please note that if you purchased your gown from us at May & Grace then you will have received a breathable dress bag with your dress purchase. Please use this. If you would like extra protection then we can order wedding dress boxes for you and pack your dress in acid free paper.

Alternatively we can provide boxes and tissue paper and post to your home address.

Please contact us for prices.

We are here for all of our brides and we sympathise with each and everyone of you having to delay or change your wedding plans. Such difficult decisions to have to make.

Please keep in touch with us, update us with any date changes and ask us any questions at all.

Love Emilie & The May & Grace Team x

Stay Happy, Stay Safe, Keep Dreaming…. X


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