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5 Tips For Making Sure Your Wedding Dress is the Perfect Fit

Your wedding gown is undoubtedly the most important fashion piece you’ll wear on your special day. At May and Grace Bridal Boutique, we want to make sure your wedding dress is the perfect fit and looks and feels like it was tailored just for you. The right fit not only makes you feel confident and beautiful, but also lays the foundation for incredible photographs and memories! Follow our top tips below for finding the dream wedding dress that highlights your individuality and elegance, with a flawless fit.

Finding the perfect fit wedding dress for you

During your first bridal appointment with us you can expect to try on 6 to 8 dresses throughout your 1.5hr appointment. We will guide you through this process selecting our best dresses that suit your personal style, venue and requirements. This will be a very enjoyable experience and we will be sure to find you ‘The One’ within this selection. 

Fitting Expertise

The next step, after finding your dress, is having one of our expert stylists take accurate body measurements. Each dress designer has their own unique set of measurements which we will check and cross-reference to ensure we order the correct size dress for you, as close to your body measurements as possible. There is also the option with most designers to ‘bespoke’ your dress specifically to you if your measurements fall between two different sizes. 

Tape measure around manikin of bridal dress

The Arrival of your Dress

As our dresses are ‘made to order,’ every designer requires ample production time which varies based on the specific details of your dress. Such as delicate lacework, complex beading and built-in structure and corsetry. We will discuss your wedding timeline from the very beginning so we can guide your decision accordingly and ensure timely delivery for initial fittings, as well as allowing for any necessary alterations. 

Seamstress Alterations

Once your dress arrives the first fitting gives a baseline for any minor alterations that may be required. This is also the chance to try styling your dress with shoes, jewellery and veils to make sure your total bridal look comes together flawlessly. Necessary alterations will usually involve reducing the length of your dress (depending on the shoes you have chosen for your special day), and any minor tweaks such as reducing bodice and strap lengths. Details of a highly skilled and experienced seamstress will be given to you during your dress collection appointment. You should allow yourself time for at least two scheduled fittings with one of our seamstresses, at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. It is essential when visiting to the seamstress to have your ‘wedding shoes’ with you, to ensure the length can be altered correctly. 

Inside of may and grace bridal boutique

Why chose May and Grace?

Trust in our passion and expertise for finding your dream dress with a silhouette that flatters your unique beauty. By accurately determining your measurements, thoughtfully selecting styles suited for your body shape and allowing ample time for detailed fittings, May and Grace Bridal Boutique ensures you will feel like the very best version of yourself on your special day. All eyes will be on you while saying “I Do!” in a spectacularly fitted gown. 

Contact us today to begin your perfect dress search by emailing us at or call on 01428 288102.


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